Monday, 13 July 2009

Video Clips from delivery of Aid in Afghanistan

We have started our activity by raising money for flood victims in northern Afghanistan. Since then we have been working on different projects.The most successful and recent accomplished project by Bridge team was establishing a hostel for poor university students. still it needs a lot of work,we do our best to tackle the issues and provide the housed students with better life .
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for time being we are also working on health project that still needs to be finalised. but in mean time we have some video clips that has been shot from rural areas in Faryab and Samangan Province during delivery of aid for flood victims ,we will uploading all other video's
from different parts of afghanistan.....

1-Food items were given to families in Buta-Ujan district of Faryab Province

2-In Buta-Ujan district of Faryab Bridge Team established mobile health centre to treat those patient who couldn't afford to go to cities..

3-Local people on aid by Bridge Team

4-Food aid for Takhar province in north east of the country,where people suffered from earthquake

5-Aid delivered in Samangan another province in north Afghanistan


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