Sunday, 19 July 2009

We have a Library Now

Finally construction of hostel's library has finished. For further research and studies ,library is an essential part of an educational establishment.In order to create a library for students who are living in Bridge dormitory ,one of the huge rooms of the building has been dedicated for library.Book shelves prepared by local carpenters and fitted in the rooms. Chairs and tables were also provided and fitted in the library.

Newly constructed Library
Chair and tables were fitted in the library .

Library shelves are empty now but in near future all of the shelves will be filled with hundreds of different books that will be useful for students.All the University and schools student can use the library it is not limited only for the resident of the dormitory.As there are lack of libraries in the city therefore Bridge Team decided to keep the library doors open for outsiders as well.

Bridge dormitory's library is sponsored by Silk Way Foundation.In the picture Head of Silk Way foundation Mrs Orol,Head of Dormitory and Students .

Without struggle and hard effort of the Bridge team and specially without generous help of our sponsors we couldn't have housed students and create other facilities for students. Library has been funded by Silk way Foundation that is based in USA.Head of the foundation Mrs Orol visited the dormitory during her trip in Afghanistan. She also promised that the foundation will assist the Bridge team to provide books for the library.


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