Friday, 10 July 2009

Dormitory Kitchen is ready and serving food for Students

Construction of kitchen and dining rooms are finished .students started eating their food in dining rooms that is built for that propose. Dining table chairs, food plates, jugs, etc are provided by Bridge team.
As Bridge team doesn’t have sufficient funds to provide food supplements for students therefore we have established a system where money will be collected from students by each representative of the room who has been selected by students themselves. In addition to that students are given small amount of money by the government towards their food cost. Students themselves go to market to buy their food in monthly bases. Bridge team’s cook cooks the food and serves three times.

All the necessary items like plate, spoon, jug, glasses table, chairs, etc has been provided for students.From now own students don’t have to spend their time on cooking food instead they can study.

Students already started using the dining room with food cooked by the cook that is provided by Bridge team.

Dormitory is housing 70 students at the moment .all the students eat their food three times together. This will also provide a time for students to socialise with each other and know each other as Students are from different part of Afghanistan.
Due to lack of beds we couldn’t accommodate the target number of 120 students. Bridge team tries hard to raise some funds to buy more beds so we can accommodate 120 students.

Bridge team approached one of local organisation with request of digging a well for safe drinking water. The digging started three days ago it will finish soon and the dormitory will soon benefit from safe drinking water. The total cost of well estimated to be 1000 $ which is provided by the local aid organisation who builds dig wells in the city .


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