Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bridge Dormitory had high level visitors

Bridge team continues to raise money in order to purchases items that is needed in dormitory like dining tables, chairs, beds and etc. In mean time newly established dormitory has a lot of visitors from high level government officials who praised the support of Bridge team.

 One of the visitors was Jawazijan University’s president Eng Gul Ahmad Faizi(left picture).He visited dormitory talked to students and praised the work that has been done. In mean time he asked University students to appreciate the support and try use of most their time while they live there. He also mentioned that still hundreds of other students are living harsh life in markets and rented rooms. Eng Gul Ahmad Faizi said he will do anything that is possible to support the Bridge team in order to provide a better life for students.
Please click here to listen what Eng Gul Ahmad president of university said about Bridge Dormitory.


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