Saturday, 4 July 2009

Students Now has Moved to New Building Provided by Bridge Team

Finally within a month 120 student who were given priority has moved to this new building. Some Reconstruction works has been done to provide a better living condition for students.
Video : Students Moving to new Home :

New building with huge garden arranged by Bridge Team.

The Building has a lot of Rooms . Bed room,Library ,Dinning Rooms are separate with two Class for students to study.

Bed Rooms

New communal kitchen built.A cook will be Hired to prepare the Meal for students

Students finally moves to new home

Students moving to new place

A Gardner hired to do the Green bit of the Building.

A Water Tank has been installed in top of the Roof of kitchen to provide the students with safe drinking water
The construction work of the dormitory monitored closely by Member of the Bridge Team Eng Massoud.


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