Friday, 3 July 2009

Afghanistan flood

It has been awhile since recent flooding in north and north east of the country forced people out of their homes and lands. Heavy flood claimed 120 people's life,left 1000s without home and any shelter.This all happened in province of Takhar,Kunduz,Samangan,Jawzijan,Faryab.
 Well as it is clear the government is busy with its own agendas and doesn't wanna help those who need allot . The corrupt Afghan governments officials will only think about the self interest and the balance of their own banks. therefor a group of young people from Europe and inside Afghanistan decided to raise some money to support the flood victims . In a matter of a week 11000 $ has been raised. A commission has been established inside Afghanistan to deliver necessary basic items that were needed in the ground .They already started their trip from capital Kabul to affected areas in the north part of the country. In coming days we will be following that team and will be updating the blog with recent pictures and news from the flooded areas. The following pictures has been taken today from the first place the team has visited.

Food itmes that have been deliverd to flood victims (Each Family )

3-Cooking Oil-3L


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